The Intersection

The Intersect.

 A pivotal crossroad causing one to shift their mindset and embrace their greatness.

It is at the intersect, one realizes there is more to life than what society has told.

it is at the intersect, one stops allowing family, friends, society or inner self dialogue pause THEIR dreams.

it is at the intersect, courage and confidence collide.

it is at the intersect, hope and freedom unite. 

it is at the intersect, passion and purpose meet. 

We are passionate about what it is that we do, and are even more so passionate about ensuring that you, find your passion, shift your mindset, and embrace your greatness - at your intersections...

We hope as you traverse these pages experiencing the mindshifts of your peers helps you to embrace your own inherent greatness.

Join the community. -And Together we can all break societal norms, living by our own rules!

Catch you at The Intersection!

Simone & BMills

the authors:when two brands intersect.



My name is Brandon Miller and I’m a Content Creator, Branding Coach, Workplace Diversity Thought Leader,  Fitness Enthusiast and Serial Entrepreneur.

I'm passionate about helping others build their personal or professional brand and become the greatest version of themselves. I've started a number of philanthropic ventures, coach others on elevating their brand and starting their businesses, throwing events, writing blog posts, and creating some pretty epic apparel. Let’s work together to inspire and motivate others to Be Great!


Living life on her terms.

Hi! I'm Simone Danielle, a brand strategist and mindset coach  for Millennials.

I have a knack for turning my passions into profits and teaching others to do the same. With four revenue streams + counting, passive income has sort of become my thing.

I am passionate about leading and inspiring others to turn their dreams into reality and leverage their skills to match their value. 

 I believe it all starts with our minds. And our business can only go as far as our personal development.

Shift your mindset + create the life you desire!



Loyalty, got royalty inside [our] DNA...hustle though, ambition, flow, inside [our] DNA.

-kendrick lamar; dna